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By default, it's challenging to use footnotes within tables in LaTeX because we can't predict where exactly in the document the table will end up. This uncertainty makes numbering footnotes within tables problematic.<7p>

However, with the help of the tabularx package, we can include footnotes within tables.


This LaTeX example demonstrates how to create a table with equally sized columns using the tabularx package. The table has four columns, each with a width of exactly 2cm. However, since the width is fixed, longer text in some cells may not be fully displayed.

Additionally, a footnote is added to the table. Footnotes are used to provide additional information or references without interrupting the main text. In this example, the footnote text "This is a footnote." is displayed at the bottom of the page.

In this table & each cell has & the same width & of exactly 2cm \\
And as you can see, & it's easy to notice & that this width & doesn't suffice for all columns
 to display the entire text.\footnote{This is a footnote.} \\

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