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Similar to the less than symbol, the greater than symbol is a relational operator in LaTeX. The normal greater than symbol is >. If something is significantly greater than another value, we use the command \gg. And if something is very much greater than something else, the command \ggg can be used. However, to use the \ggg command, the amssymb package must be included.

Example for Greater Than and Much Greater Than


a greater than b \\
$a > b $ \\
a much greater than b \\
$a \gg b $ \\

Example for Much Greater Than



a very much greater than b \\
$a \ggg b $ \\

In these examples, we've shown how to use the greater than symbol >, the \gg command for much greater than, and the \ggg command for very much greater than. The latter requires the amssymb package to be included in the document.

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