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In LaTeX documents, the title page often includes the date by default. However, there are instances where you may want to remove the date from the title page. This can be achieved by omitting the \date command.

To create a title page without a date, you simply use the \date{} command in your LaTeX document.


Suppose you have a document with the title "Title of the Work" and the author's name "Author." You want the title page to display without a date. Here's how you can do it:


\title{Title of the Work}

% Other content of your document

In this example, the \title{} command sets the title of your document. The \author{} command sets the author's name. If you leave \date{} empty ({}), no date will be displayed. When you use \maketitle, it generates the title page using the information from \title, \author, and \date. By using \date{} with no specified date, you ensure that the title page does not display any date.

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