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LaTeX reserved characters

Special characters can be divided into two categories: reserved characters and special characters in the broader sense, such as the character for paragraph ? and others.

Reserved characters

The reserved characters have, in addition to the pure representation of the character, an additional function. Therefore, they cannot be used simply because it is generally assumed first that the function and not the character is meant.
\ masks special characters and initiates commands.
{ } Contains arguments, creates text blocks
% Comment character: The rest of the line is ignored.
^ Exponent in math mode
_ Index in math mode
& depending on context - Tabulator
# Parameters
~ Protected space.
[,]Square brackets
<,>Lace braces
"Quotation marks


The following characters cannot be masked with a backslash (\), because the combination of the characters results in a command. Or the character is not available on the keyboard at all, such as the pointed brackets from mathematics, which are often mistakenly displayed with the smaller or larger character.

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